Monday, January 10, 2005

Time for a change

Limit is still in the downward spiral mode so I an going to switched to a little $25 NL action for a while starting today. I need a change of pace and the NL is not new to me, I have played it before. Going to play a couple MTT's and then go back and maybe limit will seem better. May even try some .05/.10 NL on Bet 365 with my new found freeroll gain.

Well the 72os Freeroll Tour started last night and I finished 4th out of about 140. I was third and went all in with 99, really didn't want a caller but BB called with QTs, spiked a T on flop and I was done.

Since the 72os was the only game I played yesterday, not much to report. Up $8 so far at the NL table! Better than last week already...maybe I should take my winnings and run!!!!

See Ya At The Tables!

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