Monday, March 14, 2005

My First WPBT Event Part 2

So I am at the break 39th. Feeling pretty good. I am just a little under average stack and I decide to tighten up considerably because the non-holdem rounds are coming and I would like to at least limp to the next holdem round with a decent chance to maybe make the money. 16 got paid. I even say out load "Unless you have a high PP with a low possibility, I am folding."

Level 7(Omaha H/L) - asphnxma has just been moved to the table. I get dealt AhJhAs2d, now I am not sure about Omaha H/L but that looked pretty good to me. I did not right down the flop but I hit set with a possible low. Asphnxma and I see the turn, I 3 bet and he had hit a straight, no low to bail me out and I am down in a heart beat. Went all in with a good low hand next time and got lucky when I two paired and got low hand for the sweep. Ended level at T333 and all the wind knocked out of me. I am 56 out of 57.

Level 8(Razz) - Picked my first 3 cards to a low hand and got all my chips end. So after loosing with a set of aces, I double up twice with two real crappy hands. So is poker and I end the level at T1163 and 41 out of 52. A little hope for a possible revival.

Level 9(7stud) - Uneventful and I play maybe one hand and ante my way down to T400. Eventually I go out in the next level when my 8 low gets beat by a 7 low. I am out 38th but had a blast playing. At least I didn't go out first!

Special thanks to Iggy for setting it up.

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