Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Next Time: How About a Warning!

I don't know what happened. Everything was going well, life was good, no worries and then BAM! Everything went dead. All of a sudden I have cornered the market on Ax, Kx and Qx. After 35 minutes today I was wondering if this was a special game with no face cards. Last night I two tabled for 3 hours and won 9 TOTAL HANDS! No bad beats here though, I folded all the rest! I lost $60 in just blinds.

Being cold decked sucks but I will take it over being bad beat to death. Both are frustrating but I think cold deck and NOT being able to play is the worst. I went over my pokertracker stats from last night and I saw 10% of the flops. 10%!! So I looked harder and found maybe 3 hands I could have played that I didn't. Hand after hand of xx. I told some friends in chat it felt like I backed into a ten foot pole and just had it pulled out of my nose.

I have been playng a lot lately and been on a decent run so I think I will just take the a few days off. I'm due for a break anyway. Think I might go to Paramount Kings Dominion for a day with the family. Got some new cool rides and it is only an hour up the street.


Micheal Jackson - Not guilty - all charges.
I will not comment on the specifics because I was not there and don't know the whole story but I just have to wonder if that was me being prosecuted if it wouldn't have taken 30+ days to decide and I would be in a cell with "Bubba" by now. Money may not buy you love but it damn near gets you everything else.

Till Next Time

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