Saturday, June 11, 2005

Interesting Dilemma

I posted awhile back about a mental struggle with the amount of money I play with. I've overcome that. I've never really had a problem once I sit down. Chips are chips. It was the sitting part that gave me problems.


Even though DoubleAs plays for a lot more money in NL than I do Limit, I too am having that problem. Its not that I have doubt in my ability or fear of losing; I think it is that I have gotten so use to playing one limit clearing these bonuses that it is a comfort zone issue.

Once I commit and sit down, everything is fine. I guess I will just have to force myself to keep sitting at the higher limits till it becomes natural for me again. Had a fantastic run today at $3/$6 so hopefully that will ease the pain a little.

On a side note of sorts, you have to love this Blogger Nation of ours. I have no sooner realized that I am having an issue and there someone is, posting about it and all seems right again. One huge library at your finger tips for strategy, advice, fun, drinking tips and what ever else. Great place to be a part of.

Till Next Time!

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