Monday, June 06, 2005

Almost Consolidated

Got about $25 to clear at Absolute Poker and will be ready for full time Ultimate Bet. So tonight should be last night at AP for a while. I don't think I will be bomus chasing to the extent I was anytime soon if ever again. The 100% up to $700 at Noble Poker does intrigue me but mainly due to people telling me how soft the $3/$6 tables are and how fast the bonus clears.

After I finish tonight at AP I will have 1/3 of my roll at UB, 1/3 at Stars and 1/3 in Neteller. I don't think that is a bad mix and will probably stay that way for a while. I posted before about playing one site only but after I thought about it and talked with some others it had more negatives than positives. So I think it I will keep it between three sites and Neteller. That way I can pounce on reloads and still have a choice on where I play every day. I like having the options I think. Like now, I can play at UB and Stars and have enough in Neteller to reload AP and their many many reloads or go to Noble, if I want to try something new.


The next update from David Ross has been written. Year 2 is a very good read. I for one have really enjoyed all the posts from the David Ross experiment. A lot has been learned by reading these post.


How could I possibly post anything without refering to the Vegas trip reports coming out now and hopefully all week. I have read a few and looks like Event 2 was as good as Event 1. Take the time to read the blogs listed here. You will not be dissappointed I promise you.


Lastly I am planning my own Atlantic City trip for later next month I think. Maybe I can round up some guys who are not dead from Vegas and make a nice weekend of it! I you think you might want to come, drop me a line and lets meet up!

Till Next Time!

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