Sunday, February 10, 2008

BackGammon Masters ads Signature Link Technology!

BackgammonMasters a popular online gambling destination for poker, online blackjack, and of course Backgammon players implemented signature verification this week. The new system will offer special status to BackGammon masters VIP members by utilizing the companies patent pending Signature Link software into the sign up process.

For the most part Signature Link technology is just primarily by banks, and other online shopping locales, this is the first use of the technology in the gambling world, where Backgammon Masters will be utilizing the information and technology involved to allow online gamers to actually sign terms and conditions virtually and remotely through their computer rather than just ticking off the 'I agree' box.

In the past, BackgammonMasters blackjack players wanting to obtain VIP status would have to fill out tedious forms, this new process gets rid of all that paperwork, both for the staff at BackgammonMasters that was tired of dealing with the piles of paper, and for the online gambler, who didn't much care for the process of filling out the forms,

BackgammonMasters spokesperson said, "With our huge increase in traffic from players around the world we are now processing many VIP applications each day. The Signature Link technology will help both the players and the management team to provide faster and better service. The technology at first will be used to serve the VIP players and in the second phase will be used for the normal transactions. We first have to check the technology and the feedback of our users before adding this to our cashier, but we will take this step by step."

According to the staff at BackgammonMasters the new technology will allow for centralized management of the paperwork process.

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