Friday, March 14, 2008

Private Freerolls (password required) Information Being Spilled Publically.

Ever wondered how to get into those private freerolls held online? Just how do those elite few get the passwords to such events?

Poker Freeroll Tour has taken it upon themselves to uncover these events to the public. Private tournament events, speical member only bonus codes, and other perks once given only to a select few are being published on the site!

In fact, just today two new events were posted. . . A Freeroll, that requires no deposit at all, but lets players that are members of a specific forum or special group win real cash money.

Well enough of that crap. Poker Freeroll Tour is putting those guys on blast!

Check out the site for upcoming poker tournament information, as well as the inside scoop on ALL Sorts of exclusive poker and casino events, including juice added tournaments, exclusive bonus codes and more.

Tournament Number: 42659112
Tournament Name: Poker Strategy Forums
Time And Date: 1pm EST 15th March 2008
Game Type: No-Limit Holdem
Buy In: $5+50c (with $250 Added!!!)


Prize Money $50
Start Date Saturday
Start Time 14:00 (GMT-5:00)
Pitbull Poker Money Added Buy-in
Tournament Name IPM League Buyin
Buy-in $2.00 + $0.25
Prize Money $25 Added + Buy-ins
Start Date Every Sunday
Start Time 14:00 Server Time (GMT-5:00)
Password 25added

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