Monday, January 28, 2008

Magic Hold’em Real Time Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator

Magic Hold’em is an odds calculator that can help a player determine what moves they should make when holding certain cards. It was created with the help of professional poker players and statistic experts. To begin using the software you first must download Magic Hold’em.

Magic Hold’em currently has a free trial offer for new customers. Once you click on the offer you begin downloading the software and are then directed to some great offers on how to get the software free. The site will offer you a free lifetime license to use the software and all you have to do is choose the poker room you would like to play at. You can also buy a one year license for $89.95 which is $20 off the original price.

After the installation process you will see the screen for your free trial. When you sit at your poker table, the Magic Hold’em software will automatically detect your game and will be ready to help you determine your odds. The software is designed with different calculation modes for play money, real money and tournament tables. Once you begin playing, the odds calculator is placed on the outside of your tournament table window. It has the odds of you vs. the best, deck card probability, game info, pot odds and outs.

Magichold’em will also rank your hand and display it right over your current table. You can click on any of these categories to receive the appropriate information. I think the coolest feature is a small line of information that sits on the poker table. It is constantly giving you information on your hand compared to what is happening in real time. For example, if you are going to bet, check or raise even updating as your opponent is deciding what to do, the information is constantly changing according to your position.

The MagicHold’em website has a list of all the online poker rooms that can be used to obtain a free license. It also has a list of poker rooms that are supported by the MagicHold’em software. I downloaded the free trial myself and used it on my Full Tilt Poker games. It was really helpful on helping me decide which move I wanted to make. The information that MagicHold’em provides was especially helpful by making my decision easier on hands that I might not normally want to fold or hold. It creates a whole new meaning to the phrase “you got to know when to hold’em, know when fold’em.”

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