Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Backgammon Masters Going For Guinness Gamers World Record

Leading online backgammon site, Backgammon Masters, has announced its application to engrave its name into the Guinness Gamer World Records Book by initiating the 'farthest backgammon dice toss'. Using two specially designed, inflatable dice, a full 1-acre 'backgammon' field and a helicopter, Backgammon Masters expects to make history with this monumental, record-breaking match.

According to Backgammon Masters, here is how it will all go down: Two professional backgammon players will participate in the extraordinary match, seated within a helicopter rising 200-300 feet into the air. A one-acre field will be designed to precisely replicate a traditional backgammon board. The players will drop the large inflatable dice, specially designed to withstand such an impact, from the helicopter onto the backgammon field. Staff members on the field will maneuver the extra large game pieces, as requested by each player via a walkie-talkie system.

Expert helicopter pilot Quentin Smith, famed for his treacherous exploits across the desert and Arctic territories under extreme conditions, will assist in the event to ensure the safety of all involved. Smith is a trained expert in regards to helicopter safety, suitable flight locations and aviation regulations.

Should the event go off as planned, an associate with the Guinness Gamer World Records will document the height of the drops, placing Backgammon Masters into the record books for the farthest backgammon dice toss. The specially designed dice, valued at 1,000 Euro, will be awarded to the winner of the match.

Backgammon Masters will be selling special tickets to the record-breaking event, with all proceeds going to charity. The online Backgammon site has initiated this astonishing attempt in an effort to promote its numerous Backgammon Freeroll Tournaments. Aside from online backgammon games and tournaments, Backgammon Masters also offers blackjack and online poker, at variable stakes and limits for blackjack fans, within its versatile gaming lobby.

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