Thursday, May 22, 2008 - Site Review

As the name implies, is an online poker resource providing free poker book offers as a part of their promotional package. Developing and implementing a winning poker strategy is the key to success, but first one must attain such valuable knowledge.

What drew me to this online poker portal in the first place was the promotion of free poker books. Signing up an account at an online poker room through this site, then collecting enough points to qualify (takes one week on average), grants the player four free poker books. Not just one book, and not the book this web site thinks you should have – no! FreePokerBooks allows the player to select absolutely any book related to the game of poker, with only two conditions; the books must be available on (or, and must not cost more than USD$25 each.

According to the FreePokerBook web site, for a limited time only, players who take advantage of the four free poker books promotion, then go on to collect 3,000 additional points at the specified online poker room, will receive a fifth free poker book.

If you’re new to the game of poker, or playing poker online, check out the Poker Books section for reviews of many top-selling poker books. These detailed reviews will help you out in selecting what free poker books would best suit your needs.

In addition to this free poker book promotion, users will find in-depth reviews of online poker rooms, along with the bonus codes that award the highest possible first-time deposit bonus from each poker site. also provides a poker blog covering all of the hot topics in the offline and online poker industry.

All in all, the ‘four free poker books’ promotion is an amazing deal, really – topped off by all of the other constructive niceties and informative reviews on the web site. You are getting up to $125 worth of poker books, just for doing what you wanted to do anyway – play online poker!

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