Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kool New Rakeback VIP Program! is a poker 'Rakeback Provider' that allows online poker players to receive a portion of their contributed rake back into their pockets. But that isn't all. RakeVIP takes special care of their players, offering them special VIP perks.

Online poker rooms fund their operation by taking a small percentage, usually 5% up to $3, of each pot; this is called the 'Rake'. When a player receives a 'Rakeback', they are essentially getting a percentage of the rake they contributed handed back to them.

RakeVIP, as a rakeback provider, is a single destination for online poker players to sign-up for rakeback from a host of today's most popular online poker rooms. Not only that, but with RakeVIP, you're getting the largest rakeback % you can possibly get from any provider.

RakeVIP Poker Rakeback Plus

RakeVIP has developed a VIP program called 'Rakeback Plus' that benefits its members more so than any other rakeback poker site. As RakeVIP members play online poker, accumulating their rakeback, they are also accumulating points at RakeVIP. The more points a member collects, the better rewards they can receive, to see the cool reward options, you'll need to register as a member, however, once you've done that. You'll have personal poker coaching, books, electronics, and all that other neat stuff you should be offered by online poker rooms as a VIP poker player at your finger tips.

In fact, if you download and test 4 or 5 rakeback poker offers, you might just have enough points to buy yourself a neat toy! The best thing about this program is that YOU DON'T LOSE MONEY for spending your points.

In short; the more you play - the more you earn - the more your rewards will be. RakeVIP hands out some pretty cool prizes to its VIP members who collect a significant rakeback and points. Poker players can earn electronics, like an MP3 player, iPod, Plasma TV, etc., Poker rules and strategy books, personal coaching to improve skills, cold hard cash, even a seat in the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

RakeVIP Poker Rooms & Rakeback Percentages

RakeVIP works with the most well known, reputable online poker rooms in the industry - online poker rooms that have a clean track record, loyal player base and other qualities that attest to the site's distinguished reputation. The list of online poker rooms associated with RakeVIP, and their respective Rakeback percentages (the percentage of rakeback offered to members of the online poker room and RakeVIP), are as follows:


Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt 27%
Cake Poker Cake Poker 33%
Absolute Poker Absolute 30%
Ultimate Bet Ultimate Bet 30%
Carbon Poker Merge Gaming 30%
PKR Poker PKR Network 30%
Pacific Poker 888 25%
Poker Heaven IPN/Boss Media 30%
Sun Poker Cryptologic 30%
Gonagas Boss Media 30%

From this list, one would automatically be drawn to the Cake Poker site, as it has the highest Rakeback Percentage of 33%. However, more important than the actual rakeback is the overall game play, software performance and game variety at the various online poker rooms. RakeVIP is currently developing an expansive database of online poker room reviews to thoroughly cover these topics, and more.

RakeVIP Rakeback Poker Bonuses

RakeVIP provides visitors and members of the site with details regarding each online poker room's first-time deposit bonus. RakeVIP is associated with 10 online poker rooms, and it is doubtful any one member would actually have the time or desire to participate in raked poker hands at all 10 sites on a regular basis. Therefore, RakeVIP has provided enough information to let poker players pick the online poker room that would best suit their skill level, bankroll size and preferred sign-up bonus.

RakeVIP Rakeback Poker Strategies & Videos

Developed by online poker players, for online poker players, RakeVIP also includes a host of resources to help beginners and novices become veterans and even professionals. Under 'Poker Strategies' in the main menu, visitors will find a extensive list of articles covering all aspects of the game of poker. Starting with the rules of the game, how to play poker cash games, Sit'n'Go tournaments and Multi-Table tournaments, RakeVIP then delves into 'Online Poker' specifics, like how to build a bankroll and the importance of rakeback to maximize profits. A brief section on Poker History, Culture and Etiquette describes the origins of poker, as well as how the World Series of Poker came about, along with how players should conduct themselves in both online poker rooms and land-based casino poker rooms.

RakeVIP also supplies instructional poker videos, along with re-play videos of GSN's "High Stakes Poker" television series. Visitors can watch and learn from the pros, covering every episode of the first four seasons of High Stakes Poker. Instructional videos are another great way to learn the game. While most "rules of poker" are simply textual documents, the ability to visualize what you are learning adds a heightened, if not much faster, aspect to the process.

RakeVIP currently offers instructional poker videos that cover Sit'n'Go Tournaments, Multi-Table Tournaments and a plethora of Poker Strategies.

RakeVIP Customer Support

As a membership based program, RakeVIP provides 24/7 customer support via email. Responses are generally realized within 24 hours, offering friendly, knowledgeable answers to all questions. The FAQ page is well detailed and can be very handy in providing answers to the most common questions.

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