Thursday, April 28, 2005

Caught Up In The Moment

I am not a young man. Though I have not crossed the 40 mile mark yet, I can see it. It is getting closer by the day. As I write this though I guess even an old dog can still have a few moments "like the old days".

I was at an Absolute Poker table tonight with Jsaw. We are at a $1/$2 table paying are dues to get the email police off our back about expiring bonuses. It is rolling up on 12:30am and my time to call it a night. See, part of my stay at home dad duties is getting the kids off in the AM which is about 7. I am down about $10 but getting ready to clear another block of bonus money. There is no polite way to put this so I will just blurt it out. Jsaw is getting killed. At one point he is tapping so hard on the aquarium that water is spilling out the top. I mention I am going to stay for the few raked hands needed to clear the next $10 bonus, I hold my own and down about $14 when these two players sit down and start going crazy. I start thinking, one hand, please just one hand. Jsaw gets his AK sucked out on bad and leaves. I stay for three more hands and get that one hand. I leave up a little, the bonus and 1/3 of the way done towards my next release.

In the mean time, another friend comes home from work and delighted to see us still up, reminds us of the 3am PLO8 $1 tourney. So here I am 7 minutes till 3 and registered for the tournament. Jsaw's Omaha experience consists of one SnG he played that he thought was a NL Holdem. Finished in the money in that one so he is good to go. My experience is documented in the posts below.

So looks like an all nighter for me. Like I said I am getting older so it will be Pepsi and doughnuts keeping the sugar going. Later this evening when I wake up, I will post the results.

Till Next Time!

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