Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not Sure I Have Any More Room

Ultimate Bet says:

It's time to RELOAD! Over the next few days we'll be offering our players the opportunity to take advantage of our 25% Redeposit Bonus and fill their pockets with a little extra green! Claim your bonus when you make a deposit of $25 or more, anytime between 11AM ET Thursday March 10th and 11PM ET Thursday March 17th, we'll give you 25% of that deposit up to $100 in Bonus Dollars.

Who am I kidding. I'll get it. That would mean I have turned my $600 into $2000 in bonus money in the last 15 days. What a month to chase bonuses! (I know Absolute isn't done yet...maybe 1 or 2 more reloads there)

I am holding my own at Absolute Poker. Not up big but a little over even and clearing bonus. Not going as fast as I had hoped so I will have to change my master plan again. May just have to withdraw and go get others and come back. I'm suppose to have a 20" monitor coming in tomorrow which will allow me to play more tables. I know, I hate ABC mutli table poker BUT I also have to clear these bonuses. If I play two different sites and two tables each....maybe I can fool myself into thinking I am not 4 tabling.

Been in a little funk lately about playing again. Will have to work through this one on the fly though. Too much money out there now to take a break. Today helped some. Playing $1/$2 at AP because the way there rake structure is it seems I get more raked hands at this limit. Bought in and folded - folded - folded. Got AA....cracked my TWO people with a gut shot. (One had a flush draw also so not too bad) Folded - Folded - Folded - AQ beat by AK and down to $2.75. Got ready to reload when SB tried to steal my BB and I reraised all in with K9s. Doubled up. In the next 9 hands, doubled again. Thought I would play till I got back to even and make it a game. Table was good, so why not. Know what, it was fun. Got within 25 cents of even and AQ busted by AK AGAIN but I kept going. Last hand UTG, QJs....Flopped top pair, turned trips and rivered a full house with 3 calling to river....left up $1. WOOT!

I know, sad being excited about $1. It was fun though. Even chatted it up some. Not much in the way of Omaha at AP so it changed the pace for me a little. Enjoyed it. So many bonus chasers there now, all the tables are tight and gets boring real fast. Well, off I go to clear some more!

Since it is all the rage: Go make a South Park character.
Thanks April

Till Next Time!

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