Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Plan

WOW! The killer bonus month continues!

Cleared Party Poker Sunday with +40 and Bonus. So now I have Absolute Poker to clear and Poker Room. Withdrew my money from Party on Sunday at 10am EST. In my Neteller at 12pm Sunday! Great Service!

So before I go back to Absolute Poker and was gonna wait till Wednesday. They have been doing a lot of reload promos lately and I had a feeling. Monday I got a $25 bonus to deposit $50 in the mail from them and then this AM....20% reload till Thurday! So now I have $400 in bonus money to clear there!

So now what? Still on hit list:

Interpoker - $90 monthly reload

Noble Poker - 100% up to $300. Never played here but sounds like good bonus. T&C looks reasonable.

Paradise Poker - 50% up to $100

Full Tilt Poker - 50% reload up to $300. Still have some original bonus there also.

I still have to eat and sleep!

Plan of attack:

Clear AP by Friday. (approx: 4000 raked hands)

Deposit into Paradise( I have till 20th) and Full Tilt by Sunday (So I can add to the dead money on "March 13th, 9pm EST WPBT HORSE Tournament password = thehammer" event)

Then Interpoker by 25th and finally start on Poker Room. Interpoker usually takes me about 2 days to clear and that will leave a month to clear Poker Room.

And then April will start and lets see what hapens!


Anonymous said...

Do you have rakeback at absolute or how did you sign up with them? (or through some deal like PSO offers?) I plan on only playing when there is a bonus to clear, but im worried i will make more in rake than the bonus.


Anonymous said...

How did you sign up with Absolute? Do you have rakeback or did you sign up with something such as PSO(free chipset, ect.)??

I plan on playing there only to clear the bonuses however Im worried that I will make more than the bonus in Rake, therefor loseing money. What did you do, and what do you reccomend??


4Flush said...

email me at support@4flush.com. Let me know what bonus you are going after, if you are maxing the bonus out and what level you play and I will try to help you