Monday, March 21, 2005

Love, Poker and To Do List


I love my wife.

We have been married 12 years. She is a great supporter almost to a fault. I usually get her true feelings, if she disagrees or has a difference of opinion, eventually. (Usually late at night when I’m trying to sleep but I digress)

Saturday I get this: “You know I was very skeptical about this “poker thing” when you first mentioned it. (Playing full time) It’s turning out quite well.”

WOW! I was holding my breath after the first part.

I love my wife.


At the end of November when I turned down the transfer and effectively quit my job, I was bankrolled for $2/$4 comfortably and real close to my 300bb rule for $3/$6. After Christmas and deciding that we should pay off all our monthly debt to make things easier, my roll took a big hit and I turned into a full time bonus chaser to make it up. I only need to pay half the incoming bills so I was doing my share and building slowly. An unexpected expense in February put me behind the eight ball again but man what a March.

If I break even the rest of the month I will be very comfortably bankrolled for $3/$6 again and still have over $1000 in bonus to clear and five sites I will not get to till April. Poker has been “bery bery” good to me this month. I have made a big effort to tweak my game and looking for all the small edges I can get. I understood what all the books have said, the advice in posts from just about everyone. Now I believe it. Making good decisions is all that it’s about. The wins will follow. This month hasn’t been all about the wins either. I finished
Interpoker and Paradise Poker bonuses on the positive only because of the bonus. That’s OK though, if I was there for the long haul, I would have made it back. (Especially Paradise OMG!) Now all I have to do is finish up.

To Do List

As soon as Paradise and Interpoker money clear, it’s off to
Poker Room. I have about 45 days to clear it and most of my Absolute Poker so I will play one during the day and one at night.

Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet. No expiration but next to be done.

Full Tilt. I will not get to reload there so I hope they carry it over like they do everything else. I have till July to finish the 1st time bonus. (If I'm going back I might as well do one more bonus!)

Then I will have to find a home, somewhere to play everyday because if all goes as planned the bonus chasing will stop. (Except for the good ones!) I’ll give you my opinions on that next time.

Till Next Time!

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