Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Folding to a Win

I guess it easy to remember some hands, the AA that got cracked or maybe the folded QT that hit a straight on the flop to a guy that was bluffing.

How about the ones that save you huge money? I had two yesterday that were very big. I have not been feeling well and have played sparingly the last couple days. I played for 3 one hour sessions and only one table at a time. I made $60. Neither one of these hands were earth shattering decisions, both were folded pre flop but they stuck out in my mind because of how there would be no way I could get away from them if I stayed.

The first one I had 84s in SB. I like seeing cheap flops with any two suited in the SB(after reading SSH). It was raised in late MP and called by button. I let it go without much hesitation.

Hand 1 – KK
Hand 2 – AA

Flop – 884
Turn – K
River – 7

There is no way I don’t lose a bundle on this hand. Pot got big between these two.

The second one I had QJo in early MP. It’s folded to me and I think about raising first end. I end up folding and 4 people see a flop.

Flop is T9K rainbow

Turn – 6
River – T

Winner had 99 for full house. I would have been first to act and for sure he would have called me down. Some one had a ten and this pot also got big.

I figured that was 12 – 15 bb’s saved at 2/4. That was my whole winning day. I guess this was just one of those times when you realize, again, that poker is a whole bunch of decisions rolled up together to make a session. Making money has a lot to do with what you play as well as what you don’t play.

Till Next Time!

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