Friday, July 13, 2007

Review: Texas-Holdem-Poker-Page

A fantastic resource created for Texas Holdem Poker fans:

Poker fans will find Hold'em strategy, Poker room reviews, a poker odds calculator, and so much more. The site is strategically designed with a beginner poker player in mind. Every step of the game is laid out for you in simple easy to follow explanations. Much of the site allows for easy navigation to Online Poker, Resources and Strategy, and all the components therefor.

In the strategy portion of the Texas Holdem Poker Page there is an obvious understanding that many online poker players just starting out need to learn and begin with the basics, thus posted clearly marked are

How To Play:
  • Texas Holdem Rules
  • Texas Hold'em Cards
  • Texas HoldEm Rounds
  • Texas Holdem Beginner Strategy

Perhaps you are not brand new to Holdem, however are not up to the point in your poker career that you would consider yourself a poker pro , the Intermediate Holdem Strategy section of the website includes:

  • Poker Tips
  • Bluffing
  • Poker Tells
Coupled with a free poker e book for improving your all around poker game.

The Advanced Strategy guide is a fantastic guide for those who have been playing Texas Hold'em Poker for a long while and are really looking to hone their existing skills as a poker player.

One area of the strategy section that will definitely benefit players at all levels is the Calculate Pot Odds tool. Being able to gauge your odds for any hand allows a player, of any level, to become more profitable, have a better feel for when to fold, and when to chase just a bit.

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