Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bad Beat Mania: Jackpot Multiples At Online Poker Room

The Ultimate Bet online poker room is quite famous for their Bad Beat Jackpot, and even more so now as it was hit twice in a single day. October 25th at 6:29am and again just 4 hours later.

A poker player going by the username ITALIC hit the first bad beat jackpot, worth about $600,000, with quad 8's losing to quad Aces. ITALIC pocketed a hefty share of the jackpot at $$202,602.98 while his Ace-holding opponent, SMITH was awarded $101,301.48. Seven other players at the table were granted a nice sum as well with $2,366.68 each. 62 other players were seated at bad beat jackpot tables at the time, awarding them $1,366.68.

A mere four hours passed before another lucky online poker player, HOSSDOG556, hit the bad beat jackpot as well. HOSSDOG556 took his share of the prize, $51,670.11, while 132 other players at bad beat jackpot tables split $103,340.21 amongst themselves.

In order to win a bad beat jackpot at UltimateBet, a player must achieve a hand of four 8's or better, yet still be bested by another player's higher ranking hand. Other players seated at 'Bad Beat Jackpot' tables are also awarded a portion of the jackpot. Games are played in the same manner as at normal Texas Hold'Em tables except that the online poker room collects $.50 from each pot to go towards the progressive bad beat jackpot.

Online poker rooms that offer a bad beat jackpot include:
Absolute Poker
Party Poker
32Red Poker
Classic Poker

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