Friday, November 30, 2007

Commodore Online Casino

Commodore Online Casino's website says that the online casino is the "Best Internet Casino Gambling Site on the Web".

Well unwilling to miss the opportunity to visit the best Internet Casino Website on the entire web, when they asked me to review the casino, I had to go visit!

The casino does offer both free casino play and real cash games, sweet! I downloaded asap! . Some out of the ordinary but fun games included 3D Horse Racing, Progressive Blackjack (love the progressive here!) and Texas Bonus Poker! They also promise to release new games every month!

The online casino features 3D games (like really cool online racing games, you .. can .. bet .. on! (SWEET!) (you won't find those at every internet casino) Table games, video poker, and lotto games.

Super Slots games with pretty cool bonus rounds are supposed to be next up on offer over there at commodore. I don't know yet if it's the best out of all the online casinos in the world, but it's pretty decent, and hey, I won 10 bux while writing this ;)

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