Wednesday, November 21, 2007 - Smooth Sailing to Online Gambling - Or Just Marketing Fluff? promises to provide a smoothest path into online gambling, slick words.. but what do they mean I wondered. How does this online poker portal intend to smooth out my path to online casinos?

So, you know me, forever checking out the online gambling portals, wondering what's goin' on. The site was set up pretty well at first glance, including several online casino reviews, a rules and strategies section, up to date gambling news, articles, and even an online gambling payment method guide. The site ran a bit slow, but was layed out really well! Easy to navigate, and made it simple for me to find all of the online gambling goodies the site had to offer! offers information, and exclusive bonuses for several of the most prominent and respectable online casinos available on the internet! So, I believe it's true, CAN help you locate the smoothest path to a great casino online, through information, bonus offers, and a huge collection of casino reviews.

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