Friday, December 28, 2007

Full Tilts Double Points Promotion!

Full Tilt Poker has announced their intention to ring in the new year with a special full tilt poker bonus for you! Full Tilt is offering a special poker bonus promotion tha allows poker players on the site to earn double the FTP points! The promotion will last throughout January 4th, just incase you find yourself a tad bit tipsy on new years, and perhaps in need of a day's rest after that in effort to cure a hangover, however, after that, seriously man, get on the ball and earn some points, you don't have all of next year too, the promotion ends on the fourth.

Full Tilt PokerSo how do you earn these double points? The first thing you're going to want to do is scout out the poker lobby for a table that is playing plenty of games per hour. You don't want to be the guy sitting there waiting for the guy that always takes forever to take his turn.

Now, you've found a ring table, and it must be a ring game table, tournaments don't count here. Now your goal here is to earn a MINIMUM of 20 points, less than 20 points does not double. Once you have accumulated 20 points in one day you'll earn double points for the remainder of that day. If you earn 50 points, then wallah, you just earned 100 points, not to shabby man.

Now... you've earned all these fabulous Full Tilt Poker Points, what on earth shall you do with them? Why go shopping of course! The Full Tilt Store is full of great things for poker players to pick up with their points.. things like... iPods Baby! Plasma Screen TV's, jersey's if they thrill you, sit n go entries (free poker sweet!).

If you want to see how many points you've managed to swoop up at any given time, check out the 'My Promotions' tab in the cashier area.

Full Tilt Poker is also offering a voluptuous first time player sign up bonus of 100% up to %600.

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