Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poker Wisdom, the Rules, and Reasons

It is imperative when playing a game of poker that you have some sense of the rules. In fact, even the rules that are let's say not quite as important as the others, the smaller rules that no one really knows of or follows can save you a few chips in a poker game.

For instance, if you've ever played at a casino, you probably know what a string raise at a holdem table is. You also likely know that if your opponent should cross that virtual or actual line on a poker table with his chips, making the call, and then with his other hand, he brings out more chips, that's a call. It's not a raise, the raise he tried to make is invalid, and we chasers, well we can see the next card without paying the raise hit our flush for free, and win the hand.

A definitely advantageous reason to know your poker rules. During last years World Series of Poker a rule was made on the fly, this rule was a misinterpretation of another rule, but as rules made in the WSOP often are, it is now set in stone and has been put into use in poker rooms around the world. It's the show one show all Texas Holdem rule.

The rule 'show one show all' was originally made to be a tournament rule, if you show one player in a tournament your hand, you must show all players, this way every player in the tournament has the same chance to judge your play, build their knowledge of you and of course beat you in the end.

The rule was misinterpreted last year though, when a WSOP player showed one of his cards, and not the other. The ruling was made in the 'show one show all case' and the player was made to show the second card. I myself have recently been made to show the second card due to the misunderstanding of this rule.

If I'd had a better handle on up to date poker rules, I'd have realized this and other incredulous Texas Holdem rules was actually written into law as far as the world of professional poker goes.

Many many poker games are spin offs of seven card stud, so when you set off to learn your poker rules, though NL is the most popular game, you really do want to learn 7 Card Stud Rules

So while brushing up on my knowledge of Texas holdem rules, and learning Stud rules, I found not only those rules on a poker site, but rules for a couple other popular online poker games. Mixed poker games have really become popular at the little club where I play. I want to play, but I just haven't learned all the ins and outs of so many of these little games.

At a mixed game, if you can name it and it's rules, cards in the air! So half the fun here is naming a game no one has ever heard of. Or at least a game that not everyone is real good at, So I checked out Omaha 8/b Rules as well, and what do you know, I picked up a few checks.

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