Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Win an I-Pod Touch Playing Poker Online!

So you think you can play Holdem? Got it handled huh? Mastered? If you've really got skills, and you can endure, is offering you the chance to win an I-Pod Touch for the price of one Lincoln and two quarters to the Full Tilt Poker for hosting($5.50 total) , you can win a brand spankin new .. 8gig Ipod Touch. Not to mention the chunky prize pool from an exclusive poker tournament.

The tournament is password protected, a private Niche Poker only event, so you'll have to check the site out for the password. This isn't the first amazing tournament the site has featured however, last month the sites owner gave away his own Wii in a freeroll. Merry Christmas, he said. Amazing.

Want your shot at the i-pod? Check out, throw your email addy into the box up in the top corner, and play the game like you're playin' for an I-Pod baby!

The tournament will be held on the 26th of January, on Full Tilt. Keep an eye on your mail box for specific tourney times and other information.

NickePoker is all about finding 'your' niche in Poker, In addition to comprehensive poker reviews, that provide realistic information about choosing and comparing poker rooms the site also offers private poker competitions, Holdem tips, and more useful poker information, such as 'how to play Omaha Poker', and the studly staple of poker, the original meat and potatoes, Stud Poker. Additionally, or perhaps initially, NichePoker as the name suggest breaks poker down bit by bit, into niche's.

The game of poker is dissected and devoured one piece at a time, leaving online poker players with raw skills, and an understanding of not only how the game is played, both mentally, and intellectually, but how to profit from the knowledge. We're not talking about social poker skills and beginner Texas holdem strategy you can learn in any bar here, we're talking about Niche Poker.

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