Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Life, Poker and the WSOP

If you haven't been following this, A Chick and a Chair has the story recap and the links to go to for Charlie. I would particularly like to comment on this from Spaceman:

Charlie also told me he’d received phone calls from John Juanda, Max Pescatori and Barry Greenstein. He’d been having breathing problems when John called so he couldn’t talk to him. He said Barry was a little nervous when they talked, but kind and friendly; Barry’s sending Charlie a copy of his new book. He said Max was really cool - Max was very excited about recently making the PLO final table at the World Series. Max is sending a copy of Super/System 2 - signed by as many pros as he can track down. The response from the poker community has been overwhelming - for a group of people who society tends to look down on, poker players are really some incredible people. And that includes all of you poker bloggers, too - we may not all be pros, but we do play the game. I hope that you all know how much your support means to Charlie’s friends and family - without going into any details, I’ll just say that it’s made an extremely emotional time a little bit easier for all of us.

I also know that Marcel Luske and others have called.

It's the WSOP. The most prestigious week of their careers. There are financial gains to concentrate on, player of the year implications and for some, a dream come true to win a bracelet. In the middle of this hurricane, they stop and call a man, a poker comrade, who is in dire straits.

It will not make ESPN or the front page of the Times but it is good enough that I know; there is class in this game.

I hope you get many, many more phone calls Charlie!

Edit: Greenstein wins it for Charlie

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