Thursday, January 26, 2006

Got to Believe!

See, sometimes even giant creatures need a change in scenery. Doesn't mean you stop believing!!

Well, you guessed it. I have been real busy trying to get the forum off the ground but it seems to be working. I have another site interested in becoming a sponsor so will be expanding at the end of March. Thanks to all that have visited, it looks like I have some good members that are knowledgeable and willing to help so far.

Have added a few things to 4flush and the freeroll calendar and they have gotten a good response so far. It amazes me that I sit here with a goal to do this and update that and make sure this is posted and then look and the day is over. I even bought a digital recorder to keep track of everything. I like it! I even remembered my wife’s birthday!!

Good thing 72os Tour is on hiatus between seasons. If you haven’t signed up for Season 8 there is still time!

So that leaves my poker time and I can wrap that up pretty quick…NADA! Well, not exactly nada. I have played about 4 Omaha H/L SnG’s at AP. Won 1 and moneyed in two more…not bad ratio huh!! Nothing really big on that front but I have a good reason other than the above.

We have found a house to rent and come to find out she would like us to move Feb. 1st! Not a lot of time to think about it. We sign the lease Sunday. It is right down the road, I made an agreement that I would stay close to town if we can buy some land and move to the country upon our “Golden Years”. All agreed, but some how I think I will get screwed here.

So don’t stop believing, I will get to poker soon again. In the mean time, stop by the forum and say Hi! $100 members only freeroll Feb 28th just for doing so!

Till Next Time!

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