Monday, January 16, 2006

A Lot Happening!

I ( have teamed up with a new forum. You can find it at Poker Freeroll Tour and the forum directly here. What they have established is a forum that will reward your play at the sponsored sites by having big reward tournaments each month. The more players they get the better the monthly tournaments. Like pooling money for a big game, they are trying to pool players for bigger rewards.

Right now Sun Poker is the first sponsor and is offering a $100 freeroll for all new members on Feb. 28th at 20:15. Just sign up and you qualify. Next month there is a bigger freeroll planned with raked hands as a requirement for forum members. Pretty low requirement also. I like the idea, anyone can qualify each month for tournaments that you might not normally get a chance to play in.

Anyway, visit, comment, sign up and support. My freeroll calendar is linked as well as my site, hoping it will be something good.

Between that and 72os, guess I will be busy playing poker. What a great season 7 there this time. First and second seperated by 27 points. Play is for the most part great and the final tables are tough! I have been a part of that league since the beginning and it is fun to see the players getting better and better. I can see my tournment play getting a lot better also. Tournaments are not my bread and butter but playing at 72os had greatly increased my skill in them.

Yep, gonna be busy...this blog, 4Flush, PFT, 72os and oh yea, I have to play some poker also!

At least I will have plenty to talk about!

Till Next Time!

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