Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's Up

I wrote this as a guide for beginners as well as a guide for players to "get back to basics". 72os thought enough of it to post it.

Here is a sample:


There are only two things you have to pay attention to while playing limit holdem; yourself and the other players. That’s it, that’s all the
information you will need to play good limit holdem. So let’s start with the easy one first…..yourself.

Are you mentally ready to play the game?
Are you focused?
Have you set enough time to play a solid session?
Are there any distractions?

As you know, emotionally, poker is tough. The suck outs, unreal
calls, luck and just bad play can stress you to the maximum level in a short time. You have to be prepared for the inevitable and try to stay on as smooth an emotional level as possible. You never know when that next opportunity will arise to take advantage of bad play.

That is a lot easier said than done. Hand after hand of losing to pure dumb luck can work on a person. So during a session, re-evaluate yourself and make sure you are still emotionally “in the game”. If not, sit out a few hands, take a break, switch tables or whatever it will take to calm you enough to play solid poker again. Be honest with yourself, whether you have played 2 minutes or 2 hours, if you are getting emotionally out of control QUIT! From our example above, if you can lose an hour of profit from one misplayed hand, imagine what tilted play will cost you over the long term.

Till Next Time!

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