Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ready to Go!

Holidays over and kids back to school. All things calming back down and normalizing again. Had a great Christmas. Got an Ipod Shuffle, new computer (FAST) and the WSOP PS2 game. My shuffle is full, my computer is humming and I have had some good finishes in the game BUT no bracelet! Still working on that one.

WOW - What a college football game last night. That is what the BCS has wanted for a loooong time. Finally a game that lived up to the hype. Helped I had a little money on Texas. Mr. Young is my new hero :), I ought to send him half.


I am also writting a little article on limit poker that may get posted at If it does I will link it up. I am not a great communicator but I hope it is received well. As some of you know that have been around some, I like to ramble. Should be done with it this weekend, so we will see.

There has been a wrinkle introduced in my calm and cool waters of poker lately. I hope it is just the odd occurance but it seems that my $3/$6 game is getting creamed as soon as a sit down and I can't loose at $2/$4. As far as my Poker Tracker numbers go to the unreal good side at $2/$4 there are polar opposite at $3/$6. Uncanny and to be honest a little disturbing to see this numbers that are so out of norm being so consistent. So I fixed it, I quit playing $3/$6.

I know, not exactly a permanent fix. I will dive into the numbers and try to see if it just the way the planets are aligned or if I am doing something terribly wrong at $3/$6. Right now I am just enjoying the feeling of Superman at the $2/$4 tables. We all know that will not last so I am basking while I can.

Looking forward to a great 2006. Plan on a couple trips to A.C. and hopefully at least one to Vegas to meet some bloggers. Playing live at a weekly home game now and though it may not be the big time, I am practicing on staying calm and keeping my tells down to a minimum. Thats is when I haven't started taking shots and continue to do so every 1/2 hour till the game is over. Man, that next morning sucked. Been a long time since I have had a night or morning like that.

Till Next Time!

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