Saturday, May 06, 2006

The good and the bad....

First the GOOD:

CD Poker and Party Poker has giving me some money. Even though I am not a HUGE fan of Party, money is money so I will go :).

So with birthday coming up on the 11th, I will go try and make my fortune. LOL

Now the BAD:

HeadHunter at JetSet: Blinds are 10/20. I have QQ and I raise to 80...1 caller from BB. Flop Qxx two diamonds. I go all in and get called by Ad4d..A DRAW and I have the player covered! He hits and I go home shortly after very steamed. Calls a huge overbet with A4 SOOOTED.

Another MTT: I have KsTs in SB and folded to me. I call and BB raises. I call raise and flop comes all spades. I go all in and instantly called by.................As9s!

Welcome back to the tables!!!

Till Next Time!

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