Monday, May 01, 2006


Rant 1:

I went away this weekend from Virginia to South Carolina. Gas in VA when I left friday at 9 am was $3 a gallon. Gas in South Carolina (6 hours away) when I arrived was $2.73 a gallon. I have to ask what the hell made it 30 cents cheaper there than here.

Rant 2:

There was an imaginary line coming south from VA. that we crossed when gas automatically dropped down. Going North on way back, right at this "line", there was two exits within 1 mile of each other and all had gas at $2.73 cents. Literally ONE exit up after that (about 10 miles) ALL 4 STATIONS were at $2.94 a gallon and it never got below $2.85 from around Durham NC. to Richmond, VA. Come on, this is getting down right crazy. I can see some difference in gas from SC to VA but not 30 cents and there is no way you can justify a 21 cent jump in prices over 10 miles! Yes, the 4 stations at $2.94 were the big ones: Exxon, Shell, BP and Citgo. We have no one to blame but ourselves though.

Rant 3:

If we would get off our asses and start to get vocal with our gov't reps, vote and actually start to give a damn in this country, things would change. There is no reason to have Senators and Representatives in this country in office for longer than I have been alive! There are people in this country and reading this post that blindly vote Republican or Democrat year after year with no consideration for whom might be best for this country REGARDLESS of party affiliation.

I am not an activist, just a man with a family trying to get by. It's time to take a stand and draw a line in the sand and just say NO MORE! It is time for "We the people" to do what our founding fathers intended for us to do. Have a voice in our Gov't and start taking some action and showing some concern.

Geting off soup box now.

Till Next Time!

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