Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cards Suck? Play Hi/Lo

OK, I have no real scientific data to support that claim. LOL.

Been playing some Hold'em and getting squashed. Playing OK poker just getting a bad run. So I figured if my cards are going to suck, might as well try to win with it. Funny thing is when I first started playing Hi/Lo, my cards kept coming middle of the road junk. Then it happened, the bad cards came back and I started splitting pots, then I started hitting some straights, next thing I knew I am about even for the week after being down for must of it.

I had the kind of week that KJ turned a straight but lost to AJ for higher straight on river....flopped a set with low to mid pairs, lose to a straight, just been that kinda a week. So I decided to turn to a different game and see if a change of scenery would work. It did, but also had a lot to do with most players don't know how the game works and overplays just about every hand. Bottom line is it works for me!

I will be posting again soon on a special project going up by a good friend. I am helping set it all up and though I think we are ready, he wants to sit on it a little longer and make it is exactly how he wants it. Stay tuned, it's coming!

Till Next Time!

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