Thursday, June 01, 2006

Poker Growing?

Even as our great American Gov't is trying to ban onling poker....I see signs of it getting stronger.

Celebrity Poker Showdown last night.

Yea, I watch it!

It is new in New Orleans and lets just say there were three noticable changes.

First, Phil Hellmuth sucks but hey, most everyone new that. Of all the poker players they had to chose from, they picked him. Best part was the interview/introduction in the beginning. He says, they call be the brat. Then goes on to say, I don't know why I act that way, I look back and I'm embarrassed, I just get caught up in the moment. I guess most people watching celebrity poker would except this and move on. We all know the truth though! I watched a re run of the $1 million dollar championship event that The Mouth won, even his dad told him to sit down, shut up and play cards!

Second, the prize pool is now the Party $1 million prize pool. Let the count begin how many times they can slip that in. You have to admit though that Party Poker's commercial are pretty neat. (Just wish they would do new ones)

Third, it is no longer the losers lounge, it is the SoCo Lounge. No more do we have to wonder what they are drinking there!

I have a big announcement comming up on the poker front that will/may be of interest to all of you. Though I will not be directly involved in the playing aspect, I know the person who is and will be directly involved in getting the word out. It is, to me, a very interesting challenge he is going to undertake. More details later!

Till Next Time!

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