Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's going on in the United States online casino arena? I've recently tried to play at ClubWPT and OH My Goodness it lags. You just cannot multi-table at all!

I've played a few (hundred) hands at Carbon and at Bookmaker, but  do not love it. I miss you Pokerstars! Actually, this random fellow that I play poker with at the casino from time to time messaged me on Facebook. The messages were pretty bizarre, so I checked out his profile page to see if he'd been hacked. Seemed he had not been hacked, what was more interesting though was that he seems able to play poker from the United States at PokerStars.

Currently, he's playing in the World Series. Awesome right?! So now I'm the girl that randomly knows a guy that played in the World Series. HA! What's worse, I'm kind of a big girl. Nah, I'm a BIG girl. If you're a big girl, you'll relate to what I'm about to say...

If you're big and you're friendly, people will come to the conclusion that you have a thing for them, often. If a fat girl is nice to you, she lusts after you. I dunno man, that seems to be the consensus. Or if you blog about a fellow, in any fashion, you're probably dreaming about him at night.

So I blogged about all the craps dealers at Chinook Winds one day, including Dana, and from then on, it was said that I had a big crush on him. I didn't find out for months, it was pretty funny!

I also went to a big event in Pendleton, and I did alright. So the guy from above placed pretty well, I think 1st or 2nd. I thought it was neat that he was from around here, and that I knew him, so I blogged his win... I bet you can guess the rest.

Owell, perhaps he can hook me up at PokerStars anyway.

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