Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review : Gold Rush Poker (

Gold Rush Poker is a professional web site with one dedicated goal - keeping poker enthusiasts informed and up to date with all online poker news and poker related events, while at the same time providing in-depth reviews of elite online poker rooms. Gold Rush Poker is updated constantly to offer the most current information online poker information, news tips and strategy available.

Each online poker room review is complete with all the details necessary for players to determine whether it is the right poker room to suit their style. In example, check out GR Poker's Everest Poker Review, like in this review, all poker rooms are given two ratings, 1-5 - an Editor's Rating and a Player's Rating and Bonus codes, in this case, Everest Poker bonus codes. The Editor's Rating is decided by the webmaster of Gold Rush Poker upon evaluation of all aspects of the online poker room. The Player's Rating is an overall rating decided by testimonials and player experience at the poker site.

Reviews include a list of Pros and Cons, providing a quick overview of the poker site. General information is offered, such as the country where the site is licensed, established date, software provider and download size, email, telephone and supported languages. Deposit and cash out methods are also listed. Promotional and sign-up bonus codes are displayed, if offered by the poker room. Online poker rooms who accept US players are marked with an small image of an American flag. Screen shots of each poker room are also available.

Other features of Gold Rush Poker include online poker strategy, which contains rules to popular online poker games, poker hand rankings and poker guides. Under Poker Strategies, you'll find beginner poker strategies, advanced poker strategies and professional poker strategies to help poker players quickly gain the knowledge to move up to the next skill level.

Find out about the latest and most exciting poker tournaments and events with Gold Rush Poker's Poker Tournament Finder. Poker enthusiasts can keep up with the latest gaming industry news by visiting the Poker News page.

Gold Rush Poker provides an array of information about the 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Learn all about the WSOP, how to enter, tournament schedules, related news and circuit info, plus a handy list of accommodations for WSOP tournament players. You can also read about the 2006 WSOP, past WSOP champions and a detailed history of the World Series of Poker.

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