Sunday, August 19, 2007

World Poker Dealer Championship Rule Changes

Binion's Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada and Poker Player Newspaper have altered the World Poker Dealer Championships rules lifting virtually all limitations on sign-ups. The four events have been changed from a representative tournament to an individual tournament. No longer does a player or owner of a public card room need to be sent on the behalf their location; they may register to play on their own.

Here are the events and the changes:

1 – The Ladies Only Event: $500 buy-in +$50 entry fee - Any woman who works for a public card room, on any level.

Ladies may play in one of the next three events, as qualified. Men may select only one of the next 3 events.

2- The Dealer's Event: $1000 buy-in + $100 entry fee - Anyone who has dealt in a public card room in the last 12 months. Circuit dealers are eligible.

3- The Supervisor's event: $1500 buy-in + $150 entry fee - Any employee except a manager or above, up to and excluding owners. Dual rate employees may decide on either Event No. 2 or No. 3

4- The Manager's and Owner's event: $2000 buy-in + $200 entry fee - Card room managers and above, or owners. Owners are defined as having at least a 5 percent interest or greater, or a member of the tribal council if from a Native American card room.

Everyone who wins a cash prize will be required to show ID proving them to be at least 21 years old. Trophies will be awarded to all individual winners, as well as to the card rooms from where they came with the winners' names inscribed on a permanent trophy to be kept on display at Binion's. The annual event is organized and managed by Sludikoff Gaming Tournaments a subsidiary of Poker Player Holding Company,

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