Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Conspiracy to murder over Poker Debt

Two men from Colorado were charged with conspiracy to commit murder for allegedly plotting to use deadly rattlesnakes in an attempt to collect a significant poker debt. According to local law enforcement, Herbert Paul Beck and Christopher Lee were evidently attempting to murder Matthew Sowash, the owner of the Amateur Poker Tour, due to a $60,000 debt.

Investigators on the case were reported as saying Steelman confessed about the plot against Sowash. In the confession he revealed that it was Beck who suggested the use of the snakes in order to kill the would-be victim. It was also disclosed that some discuss was had over the kidnapping of Sowah's children as bargaining chips in retrieving the money. On his part, Beck said that Sowash repeatedly refused to pay him the debt money. The money has been an object of dispute for quite a bit of time. No mention of interest regarding the amount.

The two would be murders finally chose a plan to construct a wooden box then to put the snakes in it. The intention was to make Sowash place his legs in the box with the lid on, not allowing him to pull them out. This creative plan was not carried out. The sensible businessman contacted the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in response to numerous threating emails he had received from the suspects. Beck and Steelman are both well known to police in connection with previous offenses.

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