Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tombstone, the Poker Revival

Tombstone is a town filled with history and myth. Characters shrouded in history, western lure and memorable stories, thrived in life in Tombstone, Arizona.

According to the city, there is nothing on the books to explain the drop in poker popularity in the city. People like Doc Holliday played daily there at one time. Now there is a movement to revive it.

"Tombstone was a Las Vegas before there was a Las Vegas," says Harold Lee with the Arizona Card League. "Tombstone, as far as I can tell, is the home of poker in this country in a way." The group is driven and enthusiastic about bringing the revival back to the town. "We think that not only does poker belong there, but that poker can do a lot to help that community revive itself," Lee says. The Arizona Card League wants to hold weekend poker expeditions in town. A portion of the money will go towards repairing the old city hall.

It will be an additional way to draw visitors to town. "They could sit around, play cards like Doc Holliday and stuff," says Tombstone resident Stephanie Hamblin. The city says it can't find any law on its books saying poker ever became illegal. "I think it's the Old West and they need to have stuff like that," Hamblin says.

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