Monday, October 01, 2007

History of PKR Poker

PKR Poker began in January of 2006, announcing their intentions to revolutionize the world of Internet Poker. Poker enthusiasts were told of the extreme graphical enhancement PKR would deliver and the never before seen features being implemented into the software.

A few short months later, in April 2006, PKR declared the presentation of their 3D poker web site, not yet active, but well on it's way. With the help of Spirit Design, new graphics and themes were implemented, assisting in PKR's inevitable top-rated leap into the virtual poker scene. Spirit Design was responsible for the now famous PKR logo - a sleek spade symbol with the strap-line 'Lets Play'.

Only a month later, on May 23, 2006, PKR got the go ahead from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, presenting the online poker room with a full e-gaming license. This milestone not only assured poker players they would receive the utmost security, player protection and fair gaming - it also paved the way for PKR Poker's highly anticipated launch, scheduled for June. If you're ready to play at PKR, Download PKR now.

Beta testing of PKR Poker was made available only 2 days after licensing was granted, allowing some lucky poker enthusiasts a sneak preview at what would later become one of the most popular poker rooms on the Internet to date. The beta testing announcement received much more attention than expected, with thousands of players wishing to get in on the action.

The launch, though delayed to August, was a phenomenal success, with a rapidly growing player base from day one. No other online poker room has seen such an incredible rate of traffic in such a short period of time - at least not without the implementation of a shared player base, as many of the most trafficked online poker rooms utilize these days. With the launch came the offering of a PKR Bonus Code, which gives players options to select from different bonuses.

By January of 2007, a mere 7 months after launch, PKR had already broken into the top 5 of best online poker rooms, as declared by specialist online gambling group, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC).

August 17, 2007 marked the one-year anniversary of PKR 3D Poker. In less than 12 months, the online poker room had grown so vast, they had already acquired nearly one-million registered players, recording more than twelve-million visits. PKR attributes their sensational success to the innovative 3D platform, a stellar marketing campaign and simple word of mouth.

By the end of their first year, PKR Poker was averaging 7,500 players logged on at peak hours, with a total of $245-million in wagers placed throughout the year. Perhaps the most impressive numbers, as far as PKR poker players are concerned, is the total amount of tournament prize money won in their first year of operation - a staggering $32,119,224.53.

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