Saturday, January 22, 2005

5 for 5

Monied in Bet365 $5000 freeroll again this week! 5 Weeks in a row! Can't get into the big money yet, always seems to be 1 bad beat away from finishing well. This week was at 300/600 blinds, I raise 1K from MP2 with KK, get 1 caller and rides me to the river with QTo and rivers gut shot. So I limp into money at 248th and $6. Gives me a grand total of $28.50. Going to start tomorrow two tabling the $10 max NL tables or 1 $25 max NL table. This bankroll was totally brought together through this freeroll, will see how far it will take me.

Had a little tough run at Party Poker and that free $20 needs about a $9 push to get to $50 and cash out.

Not a bad couple weeks for free money. Turned $25 from my 40th place fininsh in
The Gaming Club's new player freeroll into $52, got Party Poker's free $20 the sent me to $41 and my Bet 365 account is $28.50! Not bad for probably 500 hands total in all.

Got the
72os Freeroll Tour Sunday night which is a real fun time. It's a freeroll league that runs over 6 weeks with a Championship event in week 7 for top 20 finishers and money prize. Good play and nice practice for real MTT's.

Time with the family tonight and back to the grind in the AM. Need to start early so I can get both football games in!

Till next time:

It is a great community that we have here: Read
HDouble and his comments.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Anthony J. D'Angelo

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