Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm Worthless and Weak!

I cannot leave the NL tables alone. I did, as I promised, and played limit yesterday.....for about a hour. Two tables open and going OK, SLOW but OK. After about 30 minutes there came a small, almost unnoticable voice from deep within, saying "Wonder how NL is going"?. The voice kept getting loader until it became unbearable. I reached a compromise with this inner beast and closed one table and opened a NL one. After another 30 minutes the evil voice mentioned how well I was doing at the NL and just up so little at the limit. Since you can't argue with good logic,no matter how evil, down went the second limit table and up came another NL.

I am up so far this week. I will clear the Poker Room today I hope, 60 more points to go and I will finish ahead of the bonus even after starting with that horrid -$135 start. Not sure I will chase another bonus till next months Cryptos so will continue here until "next big thing".

Since I won that $25 at The Gaming Club, I will go there after Poker Room is cleared and try to pick up the last few dollars of that bonus. Think I have till the 23rd. Already turned it into $42 in a session there over weekend. Maybe I can continue to get good cards and cash a little more out. Atleast enough to be able to reload and start over.

I will not be playing Wednesday night because I am going back to the poker league that I wrote about last week. Good practice, I am about 2 1/2 hours from Harrahs in Cherokee, NC. They are opening tables sometime between now and June, so I see at the minimum playing the tourneys down there.

I have to play 500 hands, I think, to get my $20 out of Party Poker so I see a NL free for all coming up over there soon. I got the advice to wait till you get a top 5 hand and go "all-in". Repeat this process till broke or cashed out. HAHA might have to try that.

Till next time:

Don't be so fast to ignore the voice inside you.


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