Thursday, January 20, 2005

Did I mention I love Party Poker

Last night was another blast playing live. Again it is a SnG type tourney. It wasn’t a spectacular evening, finished 4th in one and 7th in one. I was chip leader in first one then ran card dead and lost when I went all in with TJs and was called by Jsaw with K8 of the same suit. He was in the BB and only 1200 more to call. He went on to win that one.

2nd tourney was Party Poker only with real avatars! 100/200 blinds, folded to MP2 who raises 1500! UTG limps with 92o and hits trip 2’s on the flop. It was a family pot with only 1 of 10 opting out of the limp. SB had 72s and was pissed to see 92o! We’ll skip to final hand. I am UTG with KQ and only T2000 left. I decided anything equaling 20 would be good enough for a go. I limp, knowing it will get raised, it does and I go all-in over top. Get 3 callers: Big stack(played the 92o earlier), MP2, and Jsaw(TT) with only T600 left. Flop comes xxQ. Turn was another Q! Woot! Now MP2 bets on turn. I figure he wins side pot and I’m back in this thing. River was a J. MP2 bets again, flips over JJ and I am riding home. At least I beat Jsaw!

SO, to all you conspiracy people…..2 outers hit in live events too! And PP’s come in clumps. In 2 out of 3 hands during event 1, I was dealt QQ. (Won both)

Did I mention I love Party Poker.

Sat this morning at a $25 NL table and was at about $26, just bidding my time. Limped in MP1 with 99. 5 people see a flop of 9xA(r). Checked to me and I bet the .50. I was immediately raised to $2 then CO all-in for $12 and I am now at $44! So by their count I have played 70 hands and turned their $20 into $66.75. I have to play 130 more hands by the 29th to get my $20. If all works well I am going to cash out and redeposit for their reload bonus. I have till Feb. 11th for that.

Everything you have heard about Party Poker is true. People play any two cards, you get sucked out a lot, bad beats are a norm and you make a ton of money! If you haven’t tried Party Poker yet … Give it a try. Bonus code 4Flush.

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Enjoy and see you at the tables!

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