Thursday, January 27, 2005

New "To Me" Site

If you ever dreamed of owning a drunk, color blind is your chance. Go Al Go!


New look for site. Check it out and email me comments. I did it all by myself with no outside help except for dreamweaver "help" section. So if you don't like it, keep it to yourself! (hehehe)


One of the advantages I have with the freeroll calendar is that I get to see a lot of sites. Currently listing 80+ freerolls from 23 sites. So as I await all my money to consolidate into Neteller, I went to True Poker which offers a 30% bonus up to $100 ($333 to max).

It has a 3D table view and some neat avatars and options. The dealer talks, "dealing flop", "dealing turn" and announces winning hand. Players talk "call","bet","raise","reraise" and also laugh when you type in "lol" and say thank you when you type "ty". The avatars look at their cards,make jestures,some smoke and some drink . Of course most of these option you can cut off and after a while they do get annoying but it was fun to play at first because it was different.

You can choose from a regular or high definition download. I chose high definition and the software is still pretty fast. Understandably not UB fast buy not AP slow either. I played about a hour last night after I decided to go and had all the options on and it played at a normal speed with no lagging or delays. Smallest limit tables were $1/$2 and smallest NL was $25 buy in. There were 6 $1/$2 tables and 5 $2/$4 tables going at 1:00am so traffic was good. Out of the 6 $1/$2 tables a got a seat at the tighest one I could find (47%!). After just a very little sample I would say the tables are pretty loose. (Example: I raise pre flop with KK, 6 see flop, I hit set on flop with rags and 4 call me to the river. I won.)The other thing different about this site is that the SB and BB are both $1 and there are no buttons to pre-make your decision, you have to wait your turn. I don't use these buttons to bet but I do use it to auto fold in turn, but I can live with it.

Bonus is $10 for every 100 raked hands and I got 42 raked in a hour last night. Their freerolls are all point buy in freerolls for members and True Poker gives you 100 bonus points for signing up and depositing. That is enough for one $500 freeroll or 2 $250 ones. These freerolls have good overlays and I will try a couple before I go.

Only time will tell but my initial reaction to the site is very positive (finishing up $30 in a hour did not sway my opinion). For you bonus chasers, this site is more than adequate to chase the $100 bonus.

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