Saturday, January 29, 2005

SSSHHH...Don't tell anyone

True Poker is like Party but with only 5000 people. Ever wonder how much money you could make if you played the same people over and over again at Party? Well you can at True Poker.

It is unreal the amount of times I have seen 4-5 handed pots and someone shows down ace high or how many times I have seen someone have "A""crap" and hit the ace on river and win with the three outer. Passive? You would think that only a select few actually have a raise button they can see!!! Now when they do find the raise button...FOLD!! They have hit or slow played a monster.

I have only ventured into the $1/$2 games so far. I’ve been doing so well, no need to push my luck. Never had trouble finding a game and I have looked at the $2/$4 tables and have always seen 2-3 of them going. They have special SnG tourneys for new players daily, and will look into them Monday and see how they are.

I am up over 40 bb's in three days plus cleared $30 of bonus(which is going pretty fast).

So for those of you that may have missed it, I am back grinding again. The NL was fun, profitable and most of all different. It was a much needed break and it has elevated my game in a way that at this time I can not articulate. I just have a better understanding; maybe I can post on that later.

One thing I can comment on is that my game now has an aggressive patience about it. I posted about this a few months ago about trying to break the weak/tight mode. I had read SSH and was going through it the second time. I was trying to pick my spots and implement the book as it started to sink in this thick head of mine. It was working until I hit that real bad run and looking back at it through Poker Tracker I see that I had, very quickly, reverted back to my weak/tight tendencies.

This is where NL helped me the most. It reinforced:

Patience – Waiting for the right hands is something that I do not have to elaborate on. I am not suggesting top 10 hands or anything like that but playing the right hands in the right position and playing them hard when the time warrants.

Aggressiveness – Be aggressive when you have the opportunity. Sometimes it will cost you, sometimes it will pay off. That’s part of the game and I am trying to learn that controlled aggressiveness is the way to go.

– I don’t think that my ability to read other peoples betting patterns and putting them on a hand would be were it is at now without the NL experience. I have always been a note taker and really never tried to learn reading hands and just relied on my notes. Now I see were they work together and it really progressed that part of my game.

So I am back to grinding and hopefully I can maintain and build on this new found “wisdom”.

Till next time!


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