Saturday, February 05, 2005

New Stuff and Empire Losing!

I have added two new sites to the 4Flush calendar. Check N Raise with a daily freeroll and 100% 1st time deposit match up to $500 (Till Feb 14th) and Full Tilt Poker with 2 daily freerolls and 100% first time deposit match up to $600. If you haven't been to my site...GO! Vote on the calendar page on what you would like to see next!


Empire is losing the rematch! I am $76 ahead at half way point in bonus chase. In January, I was so far down by now I had given up. On the advice given by Chris Halverson in one of his posts, I switched to NL to chase this bonus. Was up $10 multi tabling the limit games in 405 raked hands. So you can see the NL is working out. I can be patient and still get more raked hands in playing this way. Thanks Chris! One side note, I did it again. Limped with QQ in MP2 and 6 people see the flop. It was a very passive table with any ace seeing the flop so I thought the limp would let me get away from it easier. Flop comes Q33(r). Checked to me and I bet .50. 3 call and turn is a J and putting two suits on the board and I bet $2...get two callers. River is an ace and I bet $4 and get raised. I slide the slider to All-In BUT I AM AT POT LIMIT TABLE! I need to pay more attention! I raise pot, he reraises all in and I call, he rivered straight. So it worked out. For all you paying attention, I did this at Party when I hit the full house on the turn!


Have fun at the Super Bowl Parties tomorrow. Hope your team wins.

Till Next Time!

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