Friday, February 04, 2005

So Far So Good

I cashed out of True Poker and here are the final numbers: $325 in, $98 in bonus, 63% won at showdown and $629 cashed out in 1600 hands! The best though was that I cashed out at 10:00 am EST and the money was in Neteller at 11:39 am EST. Thats right, LESS THAN 2 HOURS!


Have 200 hands at the evil Empire and so far so good. Up $8 and been sucked out bad in 3 hands. Worst: KK down to Q4 soooted when he called a 3 bet pre-flop, hit bottom pair and call to river only to hit a 4 and win. No other draw on board.

850 more hands to go and I'm holding my breathe. (HeHe)


Come on..admit it...we all secretly do this while folding hands!

Till Next Time!

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