Thursday, February 03, 2005

Returning to Scene of the Crime

First off though: I railed the WPBT Event last night at Poker Stars. It was a great tourney and from the chat, a lot of fun was had by all. Next time I'll be there.

I started with Al and soon, too soon, saw his JJ called by TT with a 277 flop only to see the dreaded two out T on river and he was gone. Where was the hammer!

I watched April, who wasn't going to play, finish in the top 40 and play real well. Way To Go!

I saw the ultimate! "The Hammer" played to perfection, "all in" and cracking AA and KK at the same time! Way to go Dr. Pauly Though I am pretty sure the other players feel differently (hehe). Sorry, didn't get screen shot.

All in all I witnessed good play and maybe even better camaraderie. With all the complimentary comments in the chat about everyones blogs, HDoubles's new career and Otis with his new gig, it almost seemed like celebrity poker.


At the last Empire Poker reload bonus I got beat to a pulp. I posted about how I couldn't win and for the first time, withdrew less than I deposited AFTER the bonus. Well, now I am going to return to scene of the crime. 25% up to $150 and off I go. You know the saying, "If you fall of the bike, get right back on it". Well, maybe it is time to get back on it. That spiral cumulated into me going to NL for a while, winning, getting to the next plateau in my learning of the game and a killer run at the True Poker. (Getting bonus and doubling my deposit)

So I am risking it all to go back to the Evil Empire. I will consider getting out even + bonus as successful excise of my demons! Should be good to go there by this weekend and Party is giving me a 15% bonus till the 11th so maybe I can get both in before the Interpoker monthly bonus.

Till Next Time!
Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway.
John Wayne

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April H. said...

Thanks for the mention and you definitly play next time. More money for me to win!