Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Random Stuff

I would like to preface this first by saying I am not a Yankees fan, I am probably on the verge of being anti-Yankee. I am not a Red Sox fan, though I did pull for them hard last year to break "the curse".

Gary Sheffield should not be suspended for his actions the other day. I don't think he should even be fined or punished in any way. The fan got his tickets revoked which is a good start. How about criminal charges? If he walked into my place of business and took a swipe at me, he would be in jail right now. At least one or both of us would be!

I know the fan pays all the money but we have to draw the line somewhere. Its getting bad. Peter Gammons reported that during Yankee batting practice a man with his TWO SMALL CHILDREN was yelling obscenities at evey player in the cage. Great job setting the example dad!! ROOT ROOT ROOT for the home team but have some dignity.


I was having one of those sessions and inspired by Al I will share this suck out I laid on this guy. Had AQo and raised preflop. Called in two spots, one guy calling every hand and getting lucky as hell. Flop comes Q high with three clubs. I bet out and "Lucky" raises. I call and the turn bring an A and the 4th club. I check and he bets. I have no club and about 99.9% sure he has at least one so I call. Why? Not sure, I folded what seemed like a zillion hands before this and I convinced myself he could be bluffing. River brought an ace, we capped and I sucked out the nut flush. To be perfectly honest, it felt good!


About 40 signed up for the WSOP blogger event at Poker Stars. I will try to make it, right now I think it is 60/40 I will get in at the last minute. Should be a lot of fun and some intense competition.

Blogging has taken another step into main stream. Websters latest dictionary has added the word blog to its new words for this year. Yahoo, maybe I will stop misspelling it now.

Ultimate bet has another reload. Check out 4Flush's front page for more details.

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