Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend Review

As far as poker is concerned I finished the week up......75 cents! I played $1/$2 up to $3/$6 (Where ever tables were available) and was pretty much dead even at all levels. I reviewed my hands this weekend and I honestly think I got more than my fair share of junk so maybe this week it will even out for me a little. I'm still having trouble letting go of high PP's but getting better, will count the improvement as a positive and keep working on it. I chased more draws than usual also which, to me, is an indication I was pushing a little to hard to make things happen towards the end of the week. First time I have noticed that happening so will have to see if I can curb that trend. Playing at AP and someone commented on how they liked the blog. This was a first for me and it felt good to know someone is reading this. Of course my avatar on AP says "" so I guess it isn't too hard to put two and two together but I still made my wife come over and read the chat!


Only poker last night was the 72os Freeroll Tour at Noble Poker. My KK got sucked out by A4 and crippled me. I made it to the break and then my AQ was bested by A8 with 8 on river and I was gone. This is a free league to sign up for and if you are new to the game or want to play pretty good competition for free, check this out. I really enjoy it.


Don't miss the blogger only WSOP qualifier at Poker Stars on April 24th. You can email Iggy for the password. Good Luck to every one! Pauly has a review up on Harrington's new book. I have finished it once and it is a great book. Check out the review! Also, Ship It Poker has some Party bonuses listed as well as some good posts this week. Check them out as well. I finally added a few more blogs to the roll this weekend so read them when you get a chance. Some are brand new so lend your support.


Lastly, I took a little break Sunday afternoon and shot some golf. First time out this year and though it wasn't an Augusta like course I did manage a 84! At one point I had a par on 4 straight holes! I love the first time out every year. Probably be my best score! For some strange reason, on the golf course with friends, I can forget about everything else and I just concentrate on hitting that ball. 3-4 hours devoid of poker was perfect.

Till Next Time!

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