Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spreading My Wings

Thought I would start to expand my horizon a little and start playing Omaha H/L. Have a friend that is going to help coach me and decided pot limit would be my choice. So last night I get an IM from my “coach” and it say’s come play this Omaha H/L SnG with me we need a player. Forgive me if I am wrong but the pupil doesn’t challenge the teacher till the end of the movie right?

So I played. I wasn’t completely in the dark, had played a little before. I found this website that proposes a counting method of deciding if you should call, raise or fold pre-flop. Couldn’t use it! Can’t think that fast yet! So I did the next best thing. I used beginners luck and finished second. (To his fourth) Two major events stand out. He was chip leader and got sucked out bad…Twice. I was fourth with four to go and sucked out bad on chip leader to lock in a money finish. Other than that I am not sure what happened. I have a long way to go in the learning curve but it was fun. This was on JetSet and they have $1 PL08 tournament almost every night so I am going to play a few to get my feet wet.

Getting a little tired of AP so I cashed out most and now going to play at Ultimate Bet for a while. Will also allow me to deposit into Poker Stars for the blogger WSOP tournament. I left enough in AP to keep chipping away but will play at UB mostly now. I didn’t know how bad I missed the Game Time + and auto import of hand histories.

I’ll be gone most of Friday and all of Saturday. My dad and I use to race remote control cars and he is coming close (2 hour drive) this weekend and I am going out to race with him. Going to be fun. I’ll try to get pictures.

Till Next Time!

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