Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Final Table

Well, I did it. In my 5th PLO8 $1 tournament I made it! Final Table! Whats funny is I was as surprised as anyone.

Over 100 started and I was just hanging out in the middle of the pack till just before the first break. I was discusing how a hand with 23 in it would rank as a good starting hand with my "coach" and after a brief explanation of how if it was in LP and had a decent high chance, a limp could be justified, I look down and see 2377 in CO and limp. Flop comes 2 suited with a 7 and 6 people call one bet. The turn was a 7 and now there is no possibility of a low. 4 people call 1 bet. No need to raise now I think, so many people in. The river brought the 4th suit and a pot bet from EP...WOOT! Folded to me and I minimum raise and EP lets it go. That propelled me from the mid 30's up to top 15 with about 60 left.

For the next hour I just held my own and at second break was still in top 20. I was dwindled down and at one point I was 28 of 33 and thinking after a decent start I would end up out of the money. I caught a "sweeper" with A3JQ in the BB with nut low and straight and I was 15th again when the in the money spots began. I caught another big split right before the third break and was 8th with about 22 left.

I won one more decent pot that put my 5th with 13 left. Top 9 in final table. The next thing I know we were hand to hand and the table filled up. FINAL TABLE! I was still 5th and pretty decent stack. Top gal was 2 1/2 times my size but I was feeling comfortable. My demise came with AdQd3s5h in the BB and I four flushed with the low. I called to the end and missed my flush and lost to A2 on the low. With T1700 chips left I was all in soon and finished 7th.

Whether it is 100's of people or 1000's, there is nothing like the feeling of a final table. I always seem to think about Dan Harrington at a final table moment. What an accomplishment for back to back tables in such a huge event.

PLO8 update: I started with $7 I left in my JetSet account. It is currently at $15 and all on PLO8 tournaments and one out of the money and one second in a PLO8 SnG. When I get to $25 I will try the $10 PLO8 tournament.


On a side note. Been hanging out with some friends from 72os.com via IM the last couple nights and been having a blast! Invaded AP last night for some SnG action. You know whats better than beating AA with the Hilton Sisters? Doing it versus your friend. I raise his BB from EP with QQ. Folded to him and being short stacked goes all in and types bad timing...I call and yep, he flips over AA. My 2 outer hits on flop and I say goodbye. That lit up the chat a little more!

Till Next Time!

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